OpenFOAM Binary/Source Package Repository

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[DIR] ubuntu/ Secure APT Repository of Ubuntu Binary/Source Packs for OpenFOAM (v1.7.0 - v5.0, and dev) and ParaView [DIR] third-party/ Repository of Source Code Packs of Third Party Software supporting OpenFOAM (v1.7.0 - v5.0) on Linux, e.g. ParaView [DIR] source/ Repository of Source Code Packs for Compiling OpenFOAM (v1.7.0 - v5.0) on Linux [DIR] docker/ Scripts to run Docker images of OpenFOAM (v5.0 and dev) for all Linux and macOS [DIR] suse/ Archive of SuSE Binary/Source Packs for OpenFOAM (v1.7.1 - v2.3.0) and ParaView [DIR] fedora/ Archive of Fedora Binary/Source Packs for OpenFOAM (v2.1.0 - 2.2.2) and ParaView [DIR] rhel/ Archive of RHEL Binary/Source Packs for OpenFOAM (v2.3.0 only) and ParaView [   ] gpg.key Keyfile for Secure APT Repository for Ubuntu

Installation Instructions

Installing OpenFOAM-dev on Linux and macOS
Installing OpenFOAM-5.0 on Linux and macOS
Installing OpenFOAM on Windows

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